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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sewin' in the Rain....

Hi All--

This my cozy little sewing room, formerly known as our RV. Jerry said today, "You do take up all the extra room in here, don't you?" But he said it in a nice way.

It's raining, sometimes pouring, this afternoon, which does make it very comfy and cozy in here.

Jerry made a nice breakfast for us and then we went to church. I sewed until we got hungry, about 2pm Kansas time. I had told him that I wanted to go to an authentic KC "BBQ joint." I was hoping to get off the beaten path so to speak (Mothers Day and all) and avoid the crowds while getting some really good food. We were not disappointed!

Johnny's served the most amazing slab of big meaty pork ribs (not baby back ribs). We also had draft beer, seasoned fries, onion rings and cole slaw. There was not a thing on the table that was not absolutely delicious! We won't be hungry for a week!

I talked to my sister, Bonnie, about our upcoming visit. She just remembered that she has to go to Killeen, TX for her daughter, Jenny's, baby shower on May 20. We won't arrive at South Padre Island until May 22, so there's no conflict. But then I realized that we would be driving right through the Killeen area on May 20. So I just invited myself to the party! Bonnie was so excited---so am I. Can you imagine anything just working out like that?


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