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Quilt Top Prep

  • Please remove any loose threads.  Underneath, they might show through the finished quilt.  On top, they  could interfere with the quilting process.
  • If your piecing extends all the way to the edge of your quilt (i.e., pieced borders or no borders), it is a good idea to sew a line of stay-stitching along the edge just within the area you will cover with binding.  This will prevent stretching.
  • The batting MUST measure about 8" larger than the quilt (4' extra on each side and top and bottom).  Your backing MUST also be 8" larger than the quilt and cut squarely.  PLEASE double check that your batting and backing are large enough.
  • Please press your quilt and backing before dropping off or mailing.  I will give it a free touch-up just prior to loading on the machine.
  • If your quilt has a directional design that you don't want to be upside down, please mark the quilt with a piece of paper that says THIS SIDE UP attached with a safety pin.  This will help me if you have chosen a panto that has a separate "up" and "down" side.  Don't forget the backing.  If it has a directional design, please mark it.
  • Please do not baste your quilt in any way before giving it to me.  The layers have to be loaded on the machine separately.
  • Please wash the quilt top if it has acquired any strong odors, especially cigarette smoke odors.  I cannot accept tops with odors.
  • Please mail your quilt top and anything else(backing, batting, fabric for binding) in a shipping box large enough to accommodate the finished quilt.  Enclose it all in a plastic bag in case the box gets wet during shipping.  Enclose a completed order form and any notes you have for me.  
  • I will call you after I receive your top, because clear communication between the quilt top owner and the longarm quilter is a VERY high priority for me!  I want to ensure that I am clear and what you want.  I am a very good listener and I take notes!