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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Talk about having a bad day, but how about a bad month!

I have been hit so hard by a flu which then turned into the case of strep from hell, that I might as well have missed all the good stuff that I could have gotten done.  I spent ten or so days (I kind of lost my sense of time) too weak to get out of bed, and now I have progressed to being up for most of the day, except for a most needed afternoon nap.

And I am not normally an afternoon nap person.  They take up too much time.  Oh, well, enough feeling sorry for myself  (Did I tell you that I spent Easter with just my pillows and tissues).


I believe I did make a promise that I will now come clean on.  That is what I said to Jerry when he was a little miffed that I just ***LOVED*** the Doctor, especially #10, played by none other than the incredibly talented David Tennant.

I said, "I only like the Doctor because he reminds me of you (if you had a groovy time machine).  When I met you wore pocket protectors and carried a slide rule!  You were the audio-visual guy at our high school!  To this day you can fix anything, even though you don't have a sonic screwdriver like the Doctor uses for everything.  True, you have ten thousand tools, while he has just one.  And you're both cute in a geeky kind of way."

Now DH is a retired actual Rocket Scientist, but he still keeps my Universe from falling apart!