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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Road Ahead Calls Once More

Hi All--

We made a few (only about 200) miles today, but then that is all that we had scheduled ourselves for today. Yes, we estimated each day's journey and stopping places (all just guidelines, we feel free to make any changes that we fancy). Right now we are happily cocooned in our RV in a Walmart parking lot in Winfield, Kansas. True, we didn't even make it out of Kansas but we are close to the Oklahoma border.

Today, before leaving the RV park, we did some cleaning. The blankets and sheets on our bed needed to be shaken out. One by one, we shook all the dog hair out of each item. Walnut Grove RV park is now covered by a 1-inch layer of fur. You've heard me use the British slang term, "gobsmacked"(I just love that word!). Well, we were fursmacked!!

It's not that Yeager sleeps with us...he has his own bed on the floor at the foot of ours. But every morning he has a ritual that he jumps up on our bed and does his cuddly puppy routine and shows us just how much he is delighted to start another day with us. He can be so endearing and loving (not that he can't be a knucklehead when out for a walk). Lately he spends more time being endearing and less time as a knucklehead.


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