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Monday, May 11, 2009

My First Class at MQS

Hi All--

I took my first class this morning from Jodi Robinson, and excellent teacher who made this gorgeous quilt.

The class is called "Less-Stress Feathers" and we got to do hands-on practice on Handi-Quilter machines.

Later, after Jerry picked me up for lunch and we went to an old warehouse near the banks of the Missouri River that had four stories of

Here is another picture of Jodi's quilting:

Here is a picture of the sample that I took home from class. Two quilters shared a machine and took turns practicing the different designs. At the end of class, we cut the sample down the center and each took half.

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  1. I love your classroom assignment! And you have always been a straight A student! Love ya. Can't wait to see you guys!