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Friday, May 1, 2009

This is How my Baby Looks Now!

Oh Yeah, this applies to both the good-looking guy and the dog in the picture. They both grew up. I miss both of their younger, smaller selves but I really like who they have become.

This is my younger son Jeff and Yeager.

We are taking care of a few details today. The 5th wheel (also known as the fiver) is almost packed . I'm taking lots of fabric but I'm trying to hide it from Jerry so he won't say that it is too much. Did you know that a yard of fabric weighs about 4 oz? I don't even want to calculate how much weight I am adding to our RV.

We have been planning our trip with Mapquest.com and making reservations at RV parks. I got online and reserved about 2 weeks at a KOA on South Padre Island. I'm so excited because I get to visit my sister who lives on the island!

I made the reservation for an RV park in Kansas City weeks ago. That will be our home base while I am taking classes and having quilt-related fun at MQS.

We are also arranging for mail forwarding once in the middle of the trip since we will be gone for so long. Heaven forbid that I should miss getting my junk mail in a timely fashion!


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