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Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Green Men from Outer Space Have Landed!!

Today we drove through Roswell, New Mexico....and you all know what they are famous for!! Loved this sign--had to stop, run back and snap a picture.

We made it to Hereford, Texas, where they call their town the beef capital of the world. They do seem to have a few of them on the hoof here. Hereford is quite near Canyon, Texas where Jerry's Aunt Mary lives. We plan on visiting her for a couple of days.

Well, dinner was cooked and served, Yeager has been exercised, and I have been working on trimming up some wonky pinwheels. If you are unfamiliar with wonky, it is a technical term used by quilters, meaning a block that is deliberately sewn or cut to appear incorrect, off-balance, badly pieced or even....SLOPPY!! Believe me, we go to great lengths to get this effect and it requires a great deal of skill.

My wonky pinwheels are going into the Old Tobacco Roads quilt (Quiltville's latest Mystery Quilt). The pattern calls for regular pinwheels, but I am making mine wonky just because it is mine!


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