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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's a Starry, Starry Morning!!!

I am feeling so extra cheerful today because I finished my quilt top, called The Stars will Shine Tonight.

144 Stars (My Math Skills are Feeling Somewhat Better Now after Being Under the Weather)

This is the border that I hinted about.  The border stars are all red, ranging from orangey red to bluish red plus pinks and neutrals.  I had so much fun making this quilt and I have to say, I just love way the border resonates with the multicolored center.

Here is Another Shot of the Quilt Top

A Close up of the Red Border

This baby is HUGE, 99" square to be precise!  It will fit nicely on my king size bed.  This is going to take quite a bit of time on the quilting machine, but I have a backlog of other projects to quilt first, for others and of my own projects.  I may switch gears now and knock out some of these neglected tops in need of quilting.
One is a small charity quilt for my guild....I may work on it first.  Get 'er done, as my DH loves to say.

Little Treasures

Here are some scraps of fabric I found at a thrift store last week.  I didn't even have to use any of these reds for my red stars border!  Today I plan to wash, press and cut these into strips for the strip bins.

Who knows what all I'll do today?  Now that reminds me of the Doctor (Doctor Who, of course).  I watched the first installment of the new season Saturday night.  It was everything and more of what I have come to expect and love about this show.  Let's just say that if this were the only TV show in the universe, I would be fine with that because the Doctor can go ANYWHERE or ANYWHEN (my spell-checker thinks that is not a word.  It is.  I just made it up.)  The guest characters can be ANYBODY.  In one episode last season Winston Churchill made a guest appearance (Oh, I know, he was really an actor, but what fun!).
If you haven't seen Doctor Who, you are missing a treat of British clever wit and quirky humor.

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  1. Love Doctor Who. David Tennant was my fave Doctor :) And that quilt is stunning. How did you not go cross eyed? It's beautiful!