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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm So Embarrassed!!!

Sometimes you have to admit to a mistake that even a rookie quilter should never have fallen for.

You may know that I am working on Bonnie Hunter's Star Struck pattern that I started in her class at Road to California.  I chose to make the quilt body 10 blocks square, requiring 100 star blocks.  I finished that part, before Easter and now I am getting back to work on finishing it.

I am planning a border of 8" blocks, the same size as the quilt body blocks.

Here's where it got tricky for me.  I figured if I made my quilt 11 blocks by 11 blocks that would include the border, right?  11 X 11= 121 blocks.....10 X 10 = 100.....121 - 100 = 21 border blocks. Wrong, so very wrong.

Yesterday I got out my 21 border blocks and wondered why they did not go all the way around the quilt!

First, I thought, where are the rest of the blocks?  Are they hidden under a bolt of fabric in my sewing room?

Then I remembered, 21 is the number that I made.  What went wrong? 

Of course, all you quilters out there are going LOL and ROTF.  You all know that to surround all four sides of a 10 block X 10 block quilt, you have to make the quilt 12 blocks X 12 blocks!  But it's all OK because I get the fun of making 23 more blocks.  And that's my project for today.

My face is so red you would think I had a sunburn!

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