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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

**WOW** I Found It at a Garage Sale!!

Hi y'all,

I was browsing at a garage sale in my neighborhood the other day when I stumbled on a very nice find, a quilters cutting table that folds up.

HUGE cutting area

Of course I already have a cutting table, but I wanted to try this one because its height, elevated to be perfect for standing and cutting.  The height makes it easier on my back and I am enjoying it a lot.

I paid $20 for this perfectly good table which I found on the internet for $189.99.  I think I got a deal!

I am starting to sew my Stars quilt into columns.  I am trying out names for this quilt and so far "The Stars Will Shine Tonight"  is my favorite. This is a variation on the song "Three Stars Will Shine Tonight."  This unabashedly sentimental song was the theme for the 60's TV series, Doctor Kildare.  I adored Doctor Kildare and always tuned in when it was playing.  I didn't watch much TV in those days when homework filled most of my evenings, but I made an exception for this show.


  1. What a fantastic find! What a bargain! How could anybody part with such a useful table? I am amazed...... and green with envy! I hope you get to make some wonderful creations on it. Enjoy!

  2. Great score! That standing cutting height will make all the difference in the world to your back.

  3. Great find! And it's one of the older ones, which is better than the new crappier edition.

    For additional stability, I replaced the smaller hinges with longer piano hinges. And attached a stopper on the underside of the table so the leg won't kick out and cause the table to fall back down.

    Ask me how I know that.