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Monday, April 4, 2011

Now for My Other Ongoing Project...


Besides Cheddar, my other project started in Bonnie's class, Star Struck, is really coming along.  I gave my scrappy proclivities full rein...no holding back .  But for a long time, it didn't seem like I was making much  progress at all!

Star Struck Blocks on My Design Wall

I was just making unit after unit, and block after block.  I need 121 8" blocks.  That is a lot.  For example, with Cheddar, I only needed 30 blocks.  They were bigger and set with sashing, but sheesh, still 121 is still a far cry from 30.  I guess it all comes down to attitude.  Those blocks were just getting a little boring.

I can't believe I just wrote that.  After all, non-quilters are always pointing out that quilts take so long to make and they lack the patience.  And we quilters argue back that it is the process that inspires us so the time spent quilting passes so quickly that we don't even notice.

I do get a little bogged down at times, I must admit.  But my favorite part of making the quilt is composing and assembling the big picture.  I can tell you that when that quilt starts to come together, and I can see the dynamics of shape, color and pattern creating sparks that bounce back and forth, that is when I feel so creative, so inspired, that I know that all the little knit-picky parts of making the quilt was worth it.

The journey is what we love, and we can love some parts of it more than others!

Just to make those sparks fly, I am planning a special border treatment that I am hoping will add a little pizzazz to this quilt, as if it really needed it.  I'll be revealing the pretty little pieced border in a future post.

I guess I'd better be back to piecing!

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