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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Little Bit of This....and a Little Bit of That

That pretty much sums up what I have been doing lately.  And it's been very peaceful and enjoyable.  I'm tying up loose ends and totally loving it.  But before I get too far into that, let me show you the first of several Mothers Day gifts that I received.

Ondie Delivered My Balloon!

I usually rise before anyone else, and when Jerry and Ondie get up, Jerry gives Ondie the command, "Find Mom!"  On Sunday morning, Ondie arrived in my sewing room with a Mothers Day balloon attached to his collar.  Aaawww!   I had to record this with my camera.  Here is another picture of Ondie:

My Perky Ondie
Ondie just turned one year old and he is the delight of my day, everyday.  He has done well in his first beginning odedience class and we will start another set of classes at the park in a few weeks.  He is sharp and knows so may words we have lost count, so don't say anything in front of him unless you want him to know about it!  He started out being Mom's boy, but now he is an adolescent, he seems to be equally devoted to both of us.  Jerry takes him to Lowe's and Home Depot several times a week and he loves going to those places.  He gets petted by adults and children alike and gets doggy treats from his favorite checker.

I put a quilt on the frame this week to be quilted by Emma and Electra.  It is a gorgeously colorful little thing that I am quilting for a customer.  Right now I'm trying to decide on the quilting design.  I picked out a lovely tangerine quilting thread for it.

Don't These Colors Just Pop!

I did get my thrift shop fabrics washed, ironed, and trimmed into strips.

The biggest project that I'm working on is the backing for Lemaster's Old Tobacco Road.  I posted a pic of this back in January that was taken in Bonnie Hunter's class that I took.  I brought the top for Show & Tell.

  If I'm EVER to get it quilted, the first thing it needs is a backing!   So I gathered up lots of strips and pieces of a yard or less to make random rows, punctuated by orphan blocks and leftovers.

An insertion leftover from the top's border

Since the color story of the top is brown, green, yellow and orange, that's what I used on the back.

Some of these orphan blocks have been in a drawer since the 80's!


Some of the horizontal strips before being sewn together.

Well, that's been my fun and games.  I think I'll get back to it.

See ya,

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