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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Study Butte?????

Hello All--

Last night we stopped in for the night in another town, with the unlikely name of Study Butte. And we were at the Study Butte RV Park, also unlikely. It is patrolled by three friendly dogs, who were curious about Yeager. I have now learned that the town's name is pronounced "stoody byoot." OK, I guess if I lived there, I would prefer that too.

I could't post last night but tonight should be a different story here at the Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine, TX. We stopped early and walked through some of the shops here for a very pleasant afternoon.

This is a picture of a wild turkey that I snapped in a rest stop earlier today. He really surprised us when we drove in!!

Night before last we stopped in Langtry, TX. This was the home of Judge Roy Bean.

Langtry was once a railroad stop and as a result was a fairly well-populated and thriving town.

We enjoyed walking through the botanical garden and touring the old buildings including the Judge's court/ barroom, his home and the old and crumbling homes of some of his neighbors.

His barroom had a picture of Lily Langtry, the English actress that was the object of his affections, even though he never met her.


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