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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pics Are Back!

Hi Everyone,

Halleluia!!!! I can once again upload pictures. I was not a happy camper for the last few days trying but not succeeding with getting pics up on Blogger.

I thought all along that it was a Blogger problem but began having these nagging thoughts that it might be some little thing that I changed on my computer that was the REAL culprit!

So...the problem resolved itself without any intervention from me!

So you can see how we had to move the dining room table out into the great room so I could lay out Old Tobacco Road. The only other place that I have that is big enough is right in the middle of the great room where Yeager spends a great deal of time walking or running around. That is not an option. But Yeager rarely goes in the dining room so
it's a good choice.

You can see that the center of Old Tobacco Roads is nearing completion.


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