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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Putzing Along with Some Blocks

Hi Everybody!

Guess what? I slept half the day today. I suppose when you are retired, on vacation, and have come down with a very bad cold that you can be excused for being so lazy.

But occasionally I pull my chair up to my dear little Singer featherweight (her name is Elizabeth since she was made by the master craftsmen and craftswomen in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

This is what Elizabeth and I have come up with in the last few days.

The first picture shows some blocks that I have made using my own pattern design! I know, I know that this looks is the old stand-by Delectable Mountains. But I have put my own twist on it. When I have made Delectable Mountains before, I did not like how so many points came together when the rows were sewn together. I have figured out an easy and accurate way to put some extra fabric next to the points some that the rows go together so SMOOTHLY!

(I did all this thinking before I caught cold...I could not design anything right now to save my life. But I am up for a little bit of piecing)

The other little fun things that I'm working on are some Maverick Stars.

They are so much fun because you are trying to make them a little wonky so you always get your wish.

(....as opposed to trying for perfect piecing and not always getting your wish)

We are going over to Bonnie and Buck's tonight for Buck's special shrimp dish. This is going to be good, I'm telling you, because he is a gourmet cook excellante!


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