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Monday, December 5, 2011

Just a Little Progress This Week


Well, I have spent a very intensive week....not much with the mystery quilt that I have been working on, but instead finding a new group home for my mother.  She was in the original home for a little over a year, but in that time her roommate has deteriorated mentally.  The lady started talking to herself and to my mother most of the night and it was impossible for Mother to sleep.

Her doctors want her to sleep well at night so that she feels well enough in the daytime to stay active and keep moving.  So I recognized that this could lead to long-term serious consequences for Mother.

The good news is that we found a really lovely 6 resident home that is quite a bit closer to my house than where she is now.  The roommate is friendly and active and we think that she and my mother could forge a strong friendship.  She is really looking forward to moving into the new home on Tuesday.

That said, I did make **some** progress on Step 3 of Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.

I wanted to use some new black and neutral prints, not the same ones that went into Step 1 in case they end up next to each other in the quilt.  So, I did spend my meager little amount of quilting time this week cutting strips from FGs and yardage.

Gotta love those little teapots!

I started sewing a few half squares together this morning.

Well, I have lots of catchup to do, so maybe I will cut and sew in the little bits of time that I can steal away from my other duties this week.  I really, REALLY, want to keep up with the rest of all the MANIAC quilters out there who are also following Orca Bay.

Bonnie, I am so thankful for this mystery quilt.  You are helping me stay grounded.  And I love getting to be a part of your blog links!



  1. I hope that your mother settles in and makes a good friend. Your fabrics are going to look lovely in your Orca Bay.

  2. Your fabrics are gorgeous. Don't worry about keeping up. It isn't as daunting as it seems. Hope your mother settles in OK.

  3. Sounds like this should be a good change for your mom (after all the concern and prep work y'll have done). Hope the move goes smoothly. Having a 'soft' deadline project like Orca Bay Mystery has been an adventure for me. I'm glad I got my sewing space organized before the mystery so I could participate too.
    ~Jillian in ND

  4. I hope that your mother settles quickly and enjoys new friends-and the mystery isn't a race, enjoy the journey!

  5. So glad that the new home for your Mother is closer to you so you can visit her. My Mom loved it when I would bring her lavender sachets that I made out of quilting scraps. Don't worry about keeping up on Orca Bay, just enjoy yourself with it.

  6. Mother's tend to come first in our lives, don't they just. I'm sure you will soon catch up.

  7. very nice fabrics, your quilt will have some pizazz