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Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday Morning Mystery Update


I'm slowing down with this Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay Mystery.  Definitely.  Too much at one time is coming at me from all directions, threatening to tear me apart!  Or a least make me tear my hair out.  No, on second thought, I won't tear my hair out.  I like having hair.  A few years ago (8 years, yea!) I was totally bald for a few months so I definitely appreciate having hair.

No, I intend to slow down with everything, enjoy the Christmas holiday, make my pies on the 24th, check my gift list to make sure I'm done (there is no chance that I'm done) and think happy and calm thoughts.

I still intend to "sample" the rest of the mystery steps at least a little.  Here is what I've done with part 5:

Adding a couple of triangles to the half square units is fun and goes fast!....it's just that there are 350 of them.  Oh well, that means 350 times the fun.  You know what, I keep day-dreaming about how the different units will go together and what will be the "total impact"....that visual pop that you get when you see the whole quilt in all its bordered and completed glory.  Tra, la,la, soon Orca Bay will be here!

I would like to wish all quilters and quilt-lovers everywhere happiness and joy and family togetherness, no matter which holiday you celebrate this season.  Peace to you all.

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  1. Don't worry, you'll get there one of these days. I love the colors in your blacks !