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Monday, December 26, 2011

Recovering from My Christmas Party!


Yesterday we hosted that old tradition of the big Christmas party with all the family, all the food, and all the happy holiday fun.  Jonah and Danny provided all the entertainment like Danny convincing Grandma to go on a treasure hunt in the dark with the little camp lantern that he got for Christmas.  The little boys ran around chasing each other all over the house like they always do.  The grown-ups got a chance to talk, get caught up on goings-on, and strengthened the family bond once again.  Many times the subject of Great-grandma Brown, whom we lost last month, was part of the conversation.  It was like each time we remembered her that she was still with us in spirit.  As she will always be.

My son Ed, who started computer-related business in his garage a few years ago, is so busy now with orders that he has moved into a building and has hired a few people to "stuff circuit boards".  I have a general idea what that means, but when my son starts talking about computer stuff, he might as well be an alien from a more advanced planet than my earth.  Anyway, Ed took the day off, which I know was not easy, so I am very grateful that he came for Christmas.

During the earlier part of last week I did get some work done on our  Orca Bay Mystery.  I even cheated a little bit and maybe you could too!  Take a look at this:

This is Aunt Mary pressing my triangle units for me.  She is always looking for ways to help us during her visit and she found this not-so-little task to do for me!

 I love having a quilting helper!  I'm completely spoiled and will miss her help dearly when she goes back to Texas on Wednesday!

I thought I had 350 half square triangles, but when I finished sewing the little wings on them and  Aunt Mary counted them in tens and pinned them together, I only had 306 :(  How did that happen?  Maybe the 44 will turn up in my sewing room (after the quilt is finished), but in the meantime it's back to making half square triangles and then putting wings on them.

I also made two sample Ohio Star blocks.  They are such pretty little blocks and such a classic pattern!  I think I'm partial to Ohio Stars because I was born in Ohio.

I went through my 2 1/2" squares and came up with these to make more Ohio Stars. I can't wait to find out what we are going to do with the string blocks!   Well, now Christmas is over and I can really quilt!

Bye, y'all