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Monday, January 9, 2012

What Was Thought To Be Lost But Now Is Found

...that is, a pictorial record of a quilting retreat that I went on recently.  I thought I was having camera trouble ( if I already wrote about camera trouble, well, this is an update).  It was really computer trouble.  Almost all of my problems in my life (except for how to eat without gaining weight)  have been solved with the purchase of my new SCREAMING FAST new Windows 7 computer.  She can do everything except serve tea upon verbal command ( remember how Capt Picard would say, "Compu-tah.  Tea. Uhl Grey. Hot.").

So I was playing around with my compu-tah and using my camera as an external drive and there they were:  all the pictures from my fun four days at a really cool beach house with my pals from the local quilt guild.  I had thought that these pictures were gone forever.

We brought our own projects and sewed like it was the last chance any of us would ever have again.


When we weren't sewing we talked, ate, drank  margaritas, and made at least one run to some local quilt shops.


 We had our own cook, who made the most AMAZING food you could ever imagine.  We even had a masseuse that we could sign up for half or full hour!

If we got tired of all that, we could watch the waves break from one of the balconies, or take a walk on the beach!

 On Saturday morning we made a quilt shop run for Roxanne's in Carpenteria.  Roxanne's cute shop is like going to Disneyland for a quilter!  So much eye candy wherever you turn!  Mary Lou Weidman was doing a book signing that morning and it was great to meet her in person.

This is me with Mary Lou (on the right).

This is the featherweight room, with some classics and some gussied up with fancy metallic paint.
I did my share of the oohs and ahhs in front of this  display!

A bit of advice that we could all use.

I came home, an  unusual mixture of tired but mellow.  Can't wait to do this again next year!

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