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Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Little Units for a Big Quilt!

Hi Y'all,

Today I worked on my second Quiltville class project, Star Struck.  It is designed by Quiltville's Bonnie and taught by her in an all day class at Road to California last Sunday.  Another fun day of sewing, sharing, making new quilting friends and even eating birthday cake!  

The quilt is made of very simple shapes that combine to make the loveliest twirling stars.

You can find detailed instructions at Quiltville.

Start with these 2-patches

Now corner triangles have been added to 2 opposite corners

I have been making these units all today.  And since I want to make a BIG quilt (why couldn't I just make a little quilt once in a while?), I need lots of these units.

The units go together like this to make stars!

Tomorrow, another project, or maybe I'll feel like continuing with this one!



  1. Another idea for my bucket list. Seems easy enough. Thanks so much.

  2. Bonnie Hunter is an amazing piecer and scrap designer....I love her stuff!