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Monday, May 10, 2010

A Mothers Day to Remember Always!

Hi to All--

We had the best Mothers Day party yesterday at the Simi Valley house.  Even though we haven't moved in yet, and all the rooms are empty except for a sofa that the sellers left, that did not stop us from having a great time, great food, and the best company: my boys and their families!

We had ribs, chicken, Polish sausage, baked beans, corn on the cob, salad, guacamole and chips, and oh, yeah, a carrot cake that was heavenly!

While the grown-ups visited and looked at the new house and yard, Jonah and Danny basically went wild, running, playing, wrestling, and sliding down the playground playground slide.

Here is DDIL Sherry with baby Miles, who is now 11 lbs. and six months old.

I have to show you  the darling Mothers Day present that Jeff, Sherry, Miles and Jonah gave me.  (Sherry, however, gets all the credit for picking it out, and she has a great eye for the wonderful and unusual.)

The most beautiful measuring spoons and cups I have ever seen!  Thanks, you guys.

Lately, I have been appliqueing the handles and my little Teapotz wallhanging.  I have been trying all different methods of applique to see what I like the best.  To my complete surprise, needle-turn is the front runner.


I felt like all thumbs when I first started to do needle-turn.  But guess what?  By the time I was on the second one, it got much easier!  I just cut a rectangle big enough for the handle I was making.  I machine basted the edge next to the teapot under 1/4".  I drew the handle on the rectangle and machine basted it to the teapot. 
Trimming as I went along, I turned the edge under and hand stitched it down.

I have temporarily set up my sewing machine in one of the bedrooms that has a built-in desk.  I call it the Betty Boop room, for obvious reasons:

The former owner is a talented artist, who paints on a variety of surfaces, including walls!  She left us wall paintings all over the house and even on the stucco exterior.  More of her art will be showing up on future posts.

I hope all you mothers out there had a great day yesterday.


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