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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm a Packing Maniac!!

Hey Guys--

We have started packing for the next trip to Simi.  Jerry bought an enclosed trailer to tow with our truck and we are going to just fill it full of our stuff....things that we can do without for at least a month or so.

Isn't it amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in 16 years of living in one house?  But most of it will be used sooner or later so we kind of need to keep it.

I have old sewing patterns...I call it my COLLECTION...you see, that justifies keeping something that serves no serious purpose.  I just love them, sort of like my Superman comic collection when I was ten years old.  Oh, how I wish I still had those comics!  And not at all because they are now worth some real cash.  But my sewing patterns will never be worth anything to anyone but me.

I have a couple of dozen really big plastic bins of fabric, sorted lovingly by color or type, and folded unimformly so that they look so beautiful!  I am really compulsive about sorting my fabric for maximum eye candy.  Unfortunately, it does take away from the time actually making something out of the fabric.  Oh, well.  Another COLLECTION!

And then the quilting magazines, who could part with even one?  It might be just the one to inspire my next quilt.

Speaking of my next quilt....its theme is going to be DOCTOR WHO!  If you don't know about Britain's most popular TV show... hey, check it out on BBC America.  You just might become a hopeless fan girl like me!

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