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Monday, March 1, 2010

SOS Answered!!!

Hello to All--

For the last few days I have been having a problem with my Emma and Electra, my longarm quilting girls, not stitching out nicely.  The curves were flattened and ungraceful.  The tension was also a little off.  I ripped out a whole panto pass on a customer quilt...so depressing.  The problem was intermittent but kept coming back

So I did what every IQ owner does when trouble strikes.  I called Superman!

Actually, I sent an e-mail to Zoltan, the chief engineer of Intelliquilter.  This was Saturday night, not a good time to get sick or have any other type of serious problem.  But anytime is a good time to call for IQ help because support is the greatest!

The very next morning I had an e-mail from Helen Baczynksi, my IQ dealer who, along with her DH Tony,
came to my house in December to install my IQ.  She said that Zoltan had checked my IQ logs that I had downloaded and sent to him.  He could not find a computer malfunction, so there must be a physical cause for my wobblies.

Helen advised me to really clean my rollers, Edgerider wheels and rails.  I had cleaned them what I thought was recently, but I found a lot of black gunk on the wheels and the rollers.  The rails were fine, having been wiped down every day that I quilt.

Guess what?  Helen knows what she's talking about!  Today Emma and Electra have been humming happily.
And I finished that customer's quilt.

If any of you longarm quilters are thinking about adding robotics to your machine, you will be a satisfied customer if you choose to go with the IQ.  I benefit in no way in recommending this company.  I just love my IQ and the great customer service that goes with it.

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