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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gadget Tuesday

Hi Ya,

Several gadgets that I have been enjoying lately have been on my mind and I thought I would share them with you.  Oddly, only one of them has anything to do with quilting, but all are fun! 

I will start with the most unusual and finish with the funniest.

My new watering can!

I have been working on my spring garden and it is the biggest one I have ever had!  I expect to have somewhere in the neighborhood  of 50-60 tomato, chile and tomatillo plants.  Since I like to start them from seed, this is proving to be very useful.

The winner in the most unusual category is this long-necked watering can/spray bottle combo that I bedazzled me in Lowe's Home Improvement for just under $10.  At the top of the handle is an opening that can be used for filling without taking the sprayer off.   Yes, I could not live without it.

Moving on, the winner of the most utilitarian award is this:

This is a lint remover that I bought at WalMart in the ironing board and accessories aisle.  It cost maybe about $5, maybe a little less.  I use it for removing loose threads from quilts that I'm working on.  I like to remove them as I go along, a few at a time.  You know how your dog or cat has fur that grows one way and not the other?  Well, this has bristles that slant one way.  You pick up the threads by moving this tool against the grain and then you run it with the grain on your palm and the threads end up in your palm.  Oh,  and it's the same on both sides.  Is that not both simple and clever?

Ready for a funny one?

Woo-hoo... how about chopsticks with TRAINING WHEELS!!   These cost 99 cents at (where else) the 99 Cent Store. 

Well, what gadgets have found a place in your heart and home lately?

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