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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Piecing Goes On...

Hi Y'all,

On Friday I finished the last of 30 blocks for JTAW (Jared Takes a Wife).  Boy do I need a new name for my version of this quilt.  After all, I don't even know this Jared guy.  I must give this some thought.

Friday afternoon I took some time off and got a haircut and ran some errands.  Then the next day I went to a party...my friend Linda's 30th anniversity in business at her quilt shop in Woodland Hills, The Quilt Emporium.  She had yummy refreshments and 30 (get it--30)% off on everything in the shop.

I had to smile as I overheard a quilter say, "You can't have too much cheddar or chrome yellow."  I hope that she's right because the quilt I'm working on will have plenty of chrome yellow!

The shop was packed with eager quilters and Linda and her four helpers were cutting and cashiering as just as fast as they could go.  I bought a few basics for my stash like some Civil War double pink and a great shirting print with a tiny geometric design.  I also snagged a grab bag for $5 that appeared to have at least twice that in fabric value.

Then back to work.  The red that I finally decided upon for my cornerstones is sort of a darkish red, somewhere between true red and burgundy.  Here's what it looks like:

Composing as I Sew!

Now, most of time I use a design wall to arrange all the blocks in a quilt before I start sewing them together.  But I just don't feel like doing that for this quilt.  A few reasons:   1)  This quilt is bigger than my design wall or available floor space, and 2)  The scrappy parts of my blocks have a high level of variety so the chances of too much yellow or green, for example, has little chance of all ending up concentrated in one area of the quilt, 3) Compose-as-I-sew sounds easier and a whole lot more fun.  And if the same print shows up in two side-by-side blocks, I will not be unhappy, in fact, I will embrace it!  My quilts do not have to please anyone but me!


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