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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feelin' Mighty Poorly......

Hi Y'all,

Well, this has been a lost week...in bed with the flu, oh, yes, DEFINITELY, it's the flu.  And Jerry can"t take care of me because we came down with it on the same day.  No appetite,  weak as the proverbial kittens, slight fever on and off, cough and congestion, ugh, ugh, ugh!

We have been in Tucson seeing all our doctors to get ready for our next big RV trip somewhere in the USA.
No decision yet on where we go or even when we start.  We do have some work planned on the Simi Valley house soon that has to be finished first.  Before our trip to death's door, it was fun to consider various destinations, such as New England or the Pacific Northwest. 

Maybe tomorrow will be a little better.



  1. awww...I went through that last week so I sympathize. It just has to work itself out. In a few days you will be back to your regular self.

  2. Sending healing prayers your way. I hope you are feeling better soon.