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Friday, January 22, 2010

Teapotz Project Has Come Together

Hi Everyone,

Teapotz is done....and on schedule! Yay! I've had a wonderful week focusing on just this project and the weather has certainly cooperated. After all, with a week of pouring rain and 62 MPH wind at times, I would have been blue and bored without a fun quilting project.

You might notice that only a few teapotz have the appliqued handles. That simply wasn't practical to finish in the time I gave myself (I had roughly 5 hours a day to work on this project).
I plan to add them soon after we return home. The quilting will be added as well. I am still thinking about hand quilting verses machine quilting. This would be a nice take-along hand quilting thingy.

I need a name for this quilt. I would entertain any suggestions from those of you who might be reading this blog. I'm thinking of "Betty Lou's got a New Teapot". Come on, help me find the right name.


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