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Monday, June 11, 2012

Working on a Back for One of Those Really Big Quilts!

Hi All

For a couple of days now I have been working on a back for a quilt that I need to finish.  Why is it that when we finish a quilt top we really feel like at least we're over the top, past the hump day, mission almost accomplished? 

Then we want to go directly to quilting, do not pass GO, get one with it!  I know that's how I feel every time that I get one of those beautiful tops done and then have the unstoppable urge to bring it to its destiny as a *****FINISHED QUILT****.

Then I come back down to earth when I realize that it can't be quilted until the back is pieced.  Well, I suppose I could use a whole cloth back.  Even then, you have to measure it carefully and it is so big and unwieldy.  I usually piece them because I like working from my stash, I like pieced backs because they are appropriate for the scrappy quilt tops that I like best, and it allows me to use up more scraps.

This quilt top above that is covering my dining room table is my Bull's Eye quilt.  You make raw-edge appliqued circles inside of circles, then you cut them apart into quarters, mix well, and reassemble randomly.   I put the Bulls Eye blocks in a zig-zag setting with some plain blocks.  It's big, about 102"x103."

So I'm ready to quilt this big guy and I needed an even bigger back.  I picked out a couple of pieces that were 3 yards long, just right for the length of my top.  That only gives me 80" in width, however.  So I went into my bin where I keep scraps that I that I have cut 10 1/2" by whatever (random lengths).  I made 3 pieced strips of these that were 3 yards long for a grand total of 110" wide.

It's not fancy but I had fun making it.  Best of all, it will help this homey big ole quilt top become a ****Finished Quilt****.  How I love it!


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