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Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Wine Tasting in San Diego....

Hello to All of You Out There!

Here we are in beautiful San Diego, enjoying the most stunningly perfect weather possible, and we ran into a bargain.

You know, neither my DH Jerry nor I can resist a great bargain. So we were in Von's supermarket and Jerry cast his eyes on some wine that was marked down to $4.99. There were four bottles, all French Bordeaux, in very unusually shaped and attractive bottles. But did the wine taste good?

I suggested that we buy one bottle and see if we like it. But ****NO**** my bargain hunting hubby figured someone else would snatch up the rest of the bottles before we could come back.

I forgot to tell you that these bottles had a screw-on top. I bet you can guess what happened next.

Jerry opened one of the bottles, takes a taste, then offers it to me! I am cringing, shaking my head, no, no, no, and wondering how many local liquor laws he was breaking.

But it is too late to pretend I'm not with him. A girl walks up, and says, "Did you guys just taste that wine? How was it?"

Jerry indicates that the wine is quite good, as he scoops up all four bottles (including the opened one) and heads for the check-out line. By the time that we actually paid for the wine, the one bottle was down a good eight ounces. Our checker thought it was quite funny.

This one will go down as one of many San Diego memories!


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