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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Little Andie's Getting to Be a Big Boy!

Hello Everybody!

Here is what my cute and cuddly puppy Andie has been up to lately (well....some of it, anyway).  This is Andie de-constructing one of those shower skin buffers.

Andie has lost his cottony puppy fluff that he had just a few weeks ago and his coat is becoming very silk-like.  His short puppy muzzle is being replaced by the longer one that is characteristic of German Shepherd Dogs.  He is adding lots of muscle to the soft little puppy body that was his when we got him.  One ear stands up consistently and the other occasionally.  And he is getting so hard to lift!!

Here Andie is standing next to a sofa and I hope it provides a some frame of reference.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Finally a Little Quilting......It's Been So Long!

Hi You'All,

I finally sat down in my new sewing room to do just a little something quilty.  Wow, have the last few months been busy and exhausting.  And most of all I have missed quilting.  So I just began to sew the binding on my little solids quilt with the big hand quilting stitches.

Here are a few images from the beach scene painted on the wall of my sewing room:

Here is a portion of my newly organized quilting closet:

I love looking at my closet so much that I originally decided to remove the sliding mirrored doors....but ultimately changed my mind in order to prevent sun-fading of my fabric.  It is really inspiring to look at what I have to work with whenever I go in this room....soon I hope that it will be everyday, all day long!

Besides doing our move (complicated), I have been finding a group home for my 86 year old mother who can no longer live by herself.  We found a really great one, a 6 resident home where her special needs caused by macular degeneration will be met.  Her meds will be dispensed, meals prepared and served family-style, and she will no longer be socially isolated.  The staff is friendly and caring.

We are really pleased that she has been looking forward to this and is now enjoying her new home.  If any of you ladies are going through this with your elderly loved ones, please send me an e-mail and I can tell you more about my experience.

Well, 'nuff said for now.