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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanks for the Kind Words

Hello everybody,

I just want to express my thanks for the supportive comments, thoughts, and prayers in response to the passing of my dear beloved German Shepherd Dog, Yeager.

All of us whose lives are enriched by the love and companionship of our animals know that there is a price to pay for the goodness that they bring us.  And that price is that we lose them all too soon.

I got the nicest personally written sympathy card from the vet.  Yes, it was so nice, but I still just fell apart after reading it.  DH Jerry was in Simi Valley after taking a trailer load of boxes to the new house, so I was all alone.  I called him and we talked about some of the things that Yeager did with us, and afterward I felt strengthened and calmed.

I am going to the vet hospital to pick up Yeager's cremated ashes today.  Yes, another tough day.  But I'll get through it.

After the tears are shed, there is one thing that I know.  Our beloved companions are worth the price that we must pay.