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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Cowboys Herding Cattle!!

Hi Everybody!

I have been real busy lately and haven't even been finding time to post on my blog. So I'm going to start with what's happened just now and work backwards.

We are camping in Williams in northern Arizona, in the beautiful and
******COOL******* mountains. We are here for the annual Hamfest, a get-together of our Amateur Radio group.

We were startled to hear this bull bellowing mournfully and loudly so.
He seemed to be missing his lady friends. I got this picture of him before he moved on in his search.

About 30 minutes later the cowboys came through with these cattle. We asked them if they were looking for a bull and they said they were. We showed them the direction that "Mournful" took.

I just had one day to get ready for this trip because we had just returned from a week in California.

I needed my grandbaby fix. Here is Jonah, our blue-eyed towheaded two year-old darlin' with his daddy. Jonah calls me "Meemaw."

Isn't he cute?

Here is everybody checking their Blackberry and texting. Actually, the cute little brown eyed, dark haired baby.....my other grandbaby boy, Danny.......is playing with my camera. His sister, Marbeya, at sixteen, is a veteran texter. She keeps in touch with us regularly.

OK, so I am out here with nothing to do except sew.....poor me!! I brought my Bernina and several projects to work on. When I get a little done, I'll post it. Meantime, I'm keepin' COOL:)